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How was popcorn discovered? An archaeologist on its likely appeal for people in the Americas millennia ago

You have to wonder how people originally figured out how to eat some foods that are beloved today. The cassava plant is toxic if not carefully processed through multiple steps. Yogurt is basically old milk that’s been around for a while and contaminated with bacteria. And who discovered that popcorn could be a toasty, tasty treat? Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages. If you have …
Is Earth really getting too hot for people to survive? A scientist explains extreme heat and the role of climate change

Many countries have seen extremely hot weather lately, but in most of the inhabited world, it’s never going to get “too hot for people to live here,” especially in relatively dry climates. Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages. If …

Why do astronomers look for signs of life on other planets based on what life is like on Earth? Why do astronomers look for signs of life on other planets based on how life is on Earth? Couldn’t there be totally different kinds of life on other planets?
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How does sleep affect the weight loss journey? We asked a husband-and-wife team of medical experts

(BPT) - As a sleep medicine specialist, Dr. Christopher J. Allen knows well the importance of sleep health, which is not only defined by the number of hours the individual sleeps, but also the …

Prepare for Takeoff: Relaunching Your Life Closer to Family

(BPT) - According to a 2024 survey from HireAHelper, family was the number one reason older adults and retirees moved to a new location. Moving closer to family is an exciting and happy time, though …

Nearly 2 in 5 Americans say their pets inspire good money habits: new study

(BPT) - Can your dog help you save? New Empower research shows that Americans associate pet ownership with positive money habits, with 39% of people saying it inspires them to be more financially …

With Time and Planning On Your Side, Financial Goals Can Move Within Reach

(BPT) - Paying for college, buying a home, entering retirement — these are all significant life events, and they all come at a significant price. But they also come with fair warning. …

Secure your student's future with 5 college insurance must-haves

(BPT) - Are you preparing to send your student off to college next semester? As you collaborate on a Back-To-College checklist, make sure to add insurance shopping.If you haven’t considered any …

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9 tips for applying for FAFSA as new, simplified form rolls out this year

Applying for FAFSA became more uncertain this year. pulled together the latest tips for applying to set you up for success.

What are family engagement liaisons, and why do fewer than half of US schools have one?

HeyTutor analyzed National Center for Education Statistics data to illustrate the importance of family engagement liaisons in the U.S.
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Top spots to visit in America's heartland this summer
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