2019 Music in the Park schedule announced


Thursday night music is returning to Twin Lakes Park this summer.

Chris Redman, superintendent of streets, alleys and parks, presented the completed schedules of bands performing free concerts in Spicer Pavilion at Twin Lakes Park during the Paris Park Board meeting, Tuesday, March 26.

His presentation reminded park board member Jodi Theirl of previous discussions about offering the park as a venue for high school students with bands to have public performances.

“Maybe we just need to try it a couple of times this summer just to see how it goes,” said Theirl.

There was some discussion about starting any teen band performances later on Friday evenings, but Redman cautioned against starting too late. He said the park officially closes at 10 p.m. so the concerts must conclude early enough for people to clear out.

Board member Melinda Young volunteered to help Theirl with plans for some more teen oriented concerts.

An impromptu Facebook survey by board president Cliff Macke was an attempt to gain public input for what improvements the city parks, need. The other board members questioned if any useful information was actually gathered since the postings quickly devolved into complaints, many without foundation.

Redman said some statements reflected a general lack of knowledge about issues. In particular, he found the calls to place teeter-totters, bigger slides and merry-go-rounds in the playgrounds annoying.

“What people don’t realize is that 20 years ago when I started with the city we had to take those things out at the insistence of the insurance companies,” said Redman.

Complaints were posted about locked restrooms suggesting a key check out system.

Redman said the restrooms at Twin Lakes are not locked and other parks, but not all, have porta potties.

“Both Sunrise and Sunset have restrooms that have been totally destroyed,” said Redman, adding his budget is insufficient to repair those building and the doors are kept locked because the facilities are unusable.

Some suggestions were gleaned from responses such as installing a shelter at Sylvian Park.

“We have it on our idea list,” board member Brenda Martin said regarding a shelter for Sylvian Park.