A Bee Well opportunity

Dashing Through the Lights is great way to begin the holiday celebration


We normally would not say this, but stay out of Twin Lakes Park – unless actively participating in Bee Well’s Dashing through the Lights, Wednesday, Nov. 27.

This first time event gives people a chance to walk the nearly mile loop of the park and see all of the Holiday in the Park lighted displays from a different perspective. Bee Well’s goal is to encourage Edgar County residents to become more active and follow a healthier life style and the fun run/walk emphasizes anybody can do these kind of non-competitive events.

Dashing through the Lights is a brief occurrence lasting from 6-7 p.m. while city workers are conducting a final lighting test of the displays before Holiday in the Park officially opens Thanksgiving night.

It might be tempting to drive through the park Wednesday night after seeing the lights turned on, but please don’t. People, including children, will be running and walking on the dark loop road. We have heard of some young parents planning to participate by either pushing toddlers in strollers or pulling them in coaster wagons.

There is ample time for drivers to go through the park on other nights. Holiday in the Park is open from Thanksgiving until New Year’s. It is not necessary to drive through the park Wednesday night and unnecessarily put people at risk.

Also on the topic of safety, this is not a spectator friendly environment. Only paying Dashers should be in the park, and they will be instructed to stay on the road. Anyone thinking they would like to stand on the side to watch is only creating a hazard for themselves and others. The grassy area where the lighted displays are placed is a warren of electrical cables on the ground and protruding support pieces. This is all a tripping hazard in the dark.

Spectators should confine themselves to the starting/stopping line at the end of the lighted tunnel near Steidl Road.

We encourage everybody to park at Laker Stadium and pay the $5 or a maximum of $20 for a family to take a walk in the park under these unique conditions. The money is to help offset Bee Well’s cost of providing glow sticks or similar devices to all participants and other expenses of the event. People Dashing Though the Lights are also encouraged to come adorned in holiday regalia and their own lights if they can manage it.

Registration opens at 5:30 p.m., and hot chocolate and candy canes await at the finish line.

We want to stress Dashing Through the Lights is for everyone. If one can only do part of it, that is OK. If somebody else wants to run the loop multiple times in the hour, that is also acceptable. Some will find once around is sufficient.

The important things is to get out there, be active, do something different, have fun and maybe start a new Edgar County holiday tradition.