Celebrate our freedom

The Prairie Press is dedicated to telling our Edgar County stories weekly


Beginning Sunday through Saturday, Oct. 12, newspapers throughout the country are marking the 79th annual National Newspaper Week.

The annual observance is a recognition of the service of newspapers and their employees across North America, sponsored by Newspaper Association Managers. The theme this year is “Think F1rst — Know Your 5 Freedoms.”

Freedom of the press, speech, religion, assembly and to petition the government are woven, like stars in the flag, into the fabric of the First Amendment.

We’re proud to be the paper of record for Edgar County. We are the only newspaper dedicated to ech week sharing our stories, including our churches, farmers, politicians, community organizations, schools, veterans and senior citizens — to name a few.

A synopsis from the American Press Institute states the study, published in August 2019, shows local newspapers significantly outperform local TV, radio and digital media outlets, not only in terms of overall output, but also in terms of coverage that is truly local. That means our the stories are geographically local, original and serve a critical information need. While local newspapers made up 25 percent of the news outlets sampled in the study, they produced 60 percent of the news that met those three criteria.

Newspapers like The Prairie Press remain the most important source of local journalism in communities. Our staff and correspondents attend every school board meeting in Edgar County as well as county board, two village boards (Brocton and Kansas), the Chrisman and Paris City Councils, the Paris Park Board, the Northern Edgar County Ambulance Service and many others.

If you see a story from Edgar County on any television station, chances are something has caught their eye and they felt the need to cover it. And while a lot of people get excited when TV shows up, we’ll still be sitting in the front row taking notes and asking questions when television and other newspapers are long gone.

We are loyal to the duties of a free press. We’re in the community covering the unsung heroes, local government, sports, education, crime and more — often original stories that you won’t find elsewhere. Informing residents isn’t just a job we want to do, it’s one we feel we must do.

As we celebrate newspapers, let us celebrate you, our readers and advertisers for your support. You are The Prairie Press.