Chrisman High School announces year-end awards

Special to The Prairie Press
Posted 5/18/20

CHRISMAN — Chrisman High School was not able to have the traditional end-of-year awards announcements, instead a virtual award program was used with principal Cole Huber creating a video and …

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Chrisman High School announces year-end awards


CHRISMAN — Chrisman High School was not able to have the traditional end-of-year awards announcements, instead a virtual award program was used with principal Cole Huber creating a video and announcing student achievements.

District administrators remain hopeful a traditional, or somewhat modified, in-person graduation ceremony may be conducted later in the summer. The announcement of scholarship winners is delayed until that time.

Awards given by Huber on the video included:


Perfect Attendance:

Freshman — Alivia Brinkley, Hana Gillaspie, Jake Gillaspie, Devonte Hicks, William Peelman.

Sophomore — Maecy Johnson, Kendl Lemmon, Karson Lewsader, Kailey Phipps, Kendall Tevebaugh.

Juniors — Blake Barna, Haley Chaney, Jethro Dino, Hope Gillaspie, Lindsey Franz, Hannah Lunger, Robert Rollins.

Seniors — Gage DeWeese, Ashley Francis, Macey Keen, Abbey Mattingly, Hannah Mitchell.


Academic Letter/Bar Award for 3.5 honors or three consecutive times on the honor roll:

Freshman — Reese Anderson, Autumn Baker, Sequoyah Cook, Hana Gillaspie, Alivia Brinkley, Kaden Owen and William Peelman.

Sophomore — Franz Dino, Kaylee Keck, Kendl Lemmon, Karson Lewsader, Alexis McDaniels, Spencer Meinecke, John Phipps, Kailey Phipps, Linkon Snedeker, Kendall Tevebaugh, Megan Tischer, Hailey Valdes and Clara Wheeler.

Junior — Karlie Adams, Haley Chaney, Jethro Dino, Lindsey Franz, Hope Gillaspie, Hannah Lunger and Robert Rollins III.

Senior — Ryan Clouse, Ashley Francis, Abbey Mattingly, Hannah Mitchell, Addison Pickett, Adrian Porter and Sydney Quick.


Outstanding Young Citizens Award: Gavin DeWeese and Sydney Quick.


Presidential Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence: Sydney Quick and Addison Pickett.


Presidential Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement: Phillip Warner, Mackenzie Campbell and Alexis Lewsader.


Illinois State Scholar: Sydney Quick.


News Gazette Recognition: Lindsey Franz.


Illinois Principal Association Recognition: Alexis Lewsader and Phillip Warner.


High School Vermilion Valley Conference All-Academic Team: Addison Pickett, Hannah Mitchell and Ashley Francis.


Art Awards:

Yearbook — Ashley Francis, top ad seller; Haley Chaney, outstanding performance and Lindsey Franz, outstanding  design.

Mentor Student Award — Abbey Mattingly.

Photography Award — Ryan Clouse.

Experimental Art Award — Jethro Dino.

Drawing & Painting Award — Ele Wilson.

Ceramics Award — Robbie Rollins and Lindsey Franz.

Independent Study Award — Abbey Mattingly and Addison Pickett.


Ag Awards:

Star Greenhand — Michael Mueller.

Outstanding Junior — Parker Brown.

Outstanding Officer — Alexis Lewsader.

Star Placement Award — Alexis Lewsader.

Star Farmer - Hope Gillaspie.

Blue & Gold Award — Landry Lorenzen.


Band Awards :

B&J Music Award – Luke Fender and Triston Lehmkuhl.

George Fisher Band Award — Landry Lorenzen and Logan Smith.

John Philip Sousa Award —  Sydney Quick.


English Awards:

English 4 — Best Public Speaking Skills, Macey Keen; Most Improved Writer, Colleen Sayre; Highest Grade, Samantha Harper.

English 310 — Best Public Speaking Skills, Lindsey Franz; Most Improved Writer, Jethro Dino; Highest Grade, Hannah Lunger.

English 3 — Best Public Speaking Skills, Mitch Gobert; Most Improved Writer, Devian Clouse; Highest Grade, Lolita Flynn.

English 2 — Best Public Speaking Skills, John Phipps; Most Improved Writer, Wesley Rollins; Highest Grade, Franz Dino.

English 1 — Best Public Speaking Skills, Autumn Baker; Most Improved Writer, Michael Mueller; Highest Grade, Reese Anderson.

Top Student — Sydney Quick.


Family/Consumer Science Awards:

Resource Management Award — first semester, Sydney Quick; second semester, Abbey Mattingly and Ashley Francis.

Clothing & Textiles Award — Ryan Clouse.

Foods & Nutrition Award — Megan Tischer.

Co-Op — Gage Deweese and Gavin McClamroch.


Math Awards:

Foundations to Math —highest grade, Jake Gillaspie; best work ethic, Samantha Raimer; positive attitude, Weston Burgess.

Math 2 — highest grade, Sequoyah Cook and Reese Anderson; best work ethic, Maecy Johnson and Alexis McDaniels; positive attitude, Peyton Reasor and Megan Tischer.

Transitional Math — highest grade, Porter Hale; best work ethic, Phillip Warner; positive attitude, Alexis Lewsader.


Physical Education Awards:

Sportsmanship Award —Linkon Snedeker and John Phipps.

Quarantine Awards — Kendl Lemmon and Haley Chaney.

Running Man Award —Colton Brazelton.

Most Push-Ups Award —Robbie Rollins.

Most Flexible Award — Reese Anderson.

Most Athletic Award — Eli Johnson.

Best Attitude Award — Addison Pickett.

Most Helpful Award — Adrian Porter.

Best Effort Award — Abbey Mattingly.

Best Sportsmanship Award — Logan Smith.


Science Awards:

Physical Science Award —John Phipps and Hailey Valdes.

Chemistry Award — Lexi Fancher and Robbie Rollins.

Biology Awards — Autumn Baker and Reese Anderson.

Microbiology Award — Hailey Valdes.

Environmental Biology Award — Kendl Lemmon.

Botany & Zoology Awards — Hailey Chaney.

Anatomy & Physiology Awards — Sydney Quick and Ashley Francis.

Rosalind Franklin Award —Hannah Lunger.

Red Cross Scholarship —Sydney Quick.


Social Science Awards:

Excellence in World History Award — Alivia Brinkley.

Excellence in Modern World History Award — Autumn Baker.

Excellence in American History Award — Kendall Tevebaugh.

Excellence in East Asian History Award — Phillip Warner.

Excellence in World Religions Award — Sydney Quick.

Excellence in Civics Award — Ashley Francis.

Excellence in Word Creation - Wesley Rollins.


Students of the Month:

September — Kendrew Greene.

October — Adrian Porter.

November — Alexis McDaniels.

December — John Phipps.

January — Autumn Baker.

February — Hana Gillaspie.

March — Porter Hale.

April — Robbie Rollins. 

Student of the Year: Robbie Rollins.

Class of 2020 Salutatorian: Ashley Francis.

Class of 2020 Valedictorian: Sydney Quick