Contrary to rumors, Brocton tower OK


BROCTON – As social media is inclined to do, stories about the condition of the Brocton water tower got greatly exaggerated without any basis in fact.

The village board discussed the issue during the Wednesday, May 8, village meeting. Trustee Marshel Murphy acknowledged water is flowing from the tower and ponding around the structure. Apparently some on social media chasted the village board for letting a large crack develop causing water to gush from the structure, but that is not true.

“The water tower is not cracked,” said Mayor Dennis Cary. “We are draining it to fix a leak.”

Early this year, Murphy informed the village board a small leak was letting water escape from the tower. It was decided at that time to not take any action until the weather improved to better assure the effectiveness of a welding patch.

Cary said the leak has not increased in size since it was first discovered and repairs will be made once the tower is empty.

Trustees also discussed efforts to clean up the village, including bringing in dumpsters and an electronics disposal service at the end of the month.

The village is paying for the dumpsters where residents can deposit unwanted items. The electronics trailer is costing the village $575 just to bring it to town and an additional fee will be assessed after the recycler sorts the material. It was hoped residents tossing out electronics make donations toward the expense.

After some discussion, it was also decided to hire a couple of people with trucks to work the two dumpster days to help residents who lack an ability to transport junk to the dumpster location.

“I’m really determined to clean the town up,” said Cary, adding the time up to the spring cleanup is a grace period for residents.

The mayor said after the village sponsored cleanup is over, citations will get issued to anyone still in violation of the local ordinances.

Trustee Christie Cox reported on her efforts to contact residents in violation of village ordinances.

“Many of these are people I have dealt with many times,” said Cox.