Fake money found in street


A local resident thought it was a lucky day for the record books after spying a large clump of what appeared to be $100 bills in the street.

The damp mass of paper, if real money, would have been worth a few thousand dollars after getting untangled. Real money is the operative phrase since from a distance the paper looked like legitimate currency, but seeing it up close revealed obvious inconsistencies pointing out the bills were facsimiles.

Among the issues were the paper did not feel right, the coloring was off, markings were added that are not on real currency and the backside of the bills had a line of Chinese character writing printed on one side.

Police Chief Mike Henness said the person who found the money quickly went from elated to dejected and turned the lump of paper over to the police. Henness had no information about how the fake money wound up in the street or who had it or why.

He acknowledged it is not good enough to pass as a counterfeit but the department does get calls occasionally from area businesses when somebody tries to use one of the fake bills for a purchase.