FBI searches Paris home


FBI agents searched a home in Paris on Tuesday, June 13.  The operation took place just before noon.

Federal agents were seen entering the home carrying cases and evidence tags. The agents wore shirts, jackets and patches emblazoned with the letters FBI.

The owner of the home, located at 709 Ten Broeck Street, has been identified through records obtained through the county assessor's office. The home belongs to Jeremy and Jamie Larson. Jeremy Larson currently serves as the District 95 Superintendent of Schools and the principal of Memorial Elementary.

Details concerning the purpose of the investigation have yet to be released. 

The Prairie Press will update this story as more details emerge.

– 2:14 p.m. –

An FBI spokesperson offered a brief statement to The Prairie Press regarding the search.

"The agents are there on a court-authorized activity, but no other information is available," they explained.

– 3:27 p.m. –

In a phone call with a Prairie Press journalist, FBI Public Affairs Officer Rebecca Cramblit gave an update on the nature of the operation.

"There's no reason for anyone to be concerned about public safety," she stated.

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