Friendly competition

Red Oak Inn’s euchre nights are a community staple


The second Thursday of every month for the past three years, the Red Oak Inn bed and breakfast has hosted a euchre night, where anyone can come in to play cards and socialize for the evening.

The family that owns the inn, Phil and Nancy Bouslog, and Angie Flessner, organizes the night each month. They put out a spread of food and drinks, and rearrange the lobby to get the event started.

“We just put an ad in the paper, and people started coming,” said Nancy Bouslog. “It’s just so people could come in and enjoy themselves, it’s just for the fun of it.”

Phil Bouslog credits Flessner with the idea. They tried theme nights for awhile, but have stopped, trying to keep the nights more casual.

“Once, we had nine ladies in fur coats,” says Nancy Bouslog.

“And two pimp daddies,” adds Phil Bouslog.

Nancy Bouslog stressed they are happy with the euchre night as it is, and they are proud of the casual nature of the night.

“Anybody’s welcome,” said Phil Bouslog. “Some places play for blood. You have to deal a certain way, or you can’t talk.”

Guests at the inn sometimes join the play, but the group remains mostly consistent with local players month to month.

Phil Bouslog explained when the participants are regulars it is possible to develop a sense of how everyone plays. That makes the games quick, and almost automatic. The fast pace leaves plenty of time for trash talk.

“It’s only a game,” said Cary Litton, while his wife, Becky, laughed and said, “Just keep saying that, you might believe it.”

The group all laughed saying despite the competition they all like each other.

It’s a purely social night. One of the players, Kelly Nicholson, checks her phone.

“I’m getting work questions,” Nicholson explained and the whole table waves it off.

Nancy Bouslog likes to distance herself from the idea of being an organizer or in charge. When asked about the game night, why or how they do it, she waves the question off trying to defer it to the players

At the end of the night, the Bouslogs gave prize baskets to the players who scored the most points during the night. It’s the one nod to serious competition, but even then, the lowest-scoring prize basket is bigger than any of the top prizes.

They cannot stress enough the casual and friendly nature of the night for all involved.

“We get loud and rowdy, but everyone has a good time. And that’s what counts,” said Phil Bouslog.

The euchre night is held in the inn’s lobby from 6:30-9 p.m. the second Thursday of every month. More information is available on Facebook at Red Oak Inn Bed and Breakfast, or at