Gospel singing tour set

Glenna Hiett finalizing plans for six-week tour to promote her gospel CD


To release her own gospel music CD was a lifelong dream of Glenna Hiett.

Touring churches and performing concerts, however, was something she never dreamed of.

The “Little Mountain Church House” tour, beginning May 6 at Clinton, Ill., is a six-week tour reaching from Illinois to West Virginia, Kentucky and Georgia. Hiett is still waiting to hear back from a few churches to finalize a tour schedule and is still taking requests from churches and assisted living homes.

“This is really exciting because we feel like God has really opened the doors for us to go,” Hiett said of her first gospel music tour. “At the same time, it's a little scary because I've never done anything like this before.”

Hiett and her soundman husband, Tom, are no strangers to travel. In fact, the idea to start a tour for Hiett's new album came while they were on the road visiting Hiett's son. The pastor of the church they attended discovered Hiett had released a CD and invited her to perform at their church. The spontaneous performance prompted a return invitation to perform a full concert.

Things simply expounded from there. Hiett has performed nearly 60 concerts in 30 towns since she released her two albums, “Invisible Hands” and “Little Mountain Church House,” but a six-week tour like the one she is preparing to go on is far beyond any experience she's attempted before.

All of Hiett's concerts are free of charge, though churches often put together free will or love offerings for her when she performs, all of which goes to furthering her music ministry.

There are a lot of unknown details to living on the road for six weeks Hiett is still working out, but she has faith God has a bigger plan plan only requiring her to step out in confidence to see it to completion.

“Life is short, and it's getting shorter,” said Hiett. “I know if I've got a lot of things left I want to do, I'd better get to doing them.”

The tour features songs from her “Little Mountain Church House” album, but audience members can expect to hear a few favorites not included on either album as well. Some of her favorites include “Master of the Wind,” “Just a Closer Walk” and “Sheltered in the Arms of God” along with the title song, “Little Mountain Church House.”

Hiett reaches audiences with a personal testimony of God's unwavering faithfulness through trials. As someone whose own faith has been tested time and time again, Hiett is able to minister to the hurting and give reassurance that joy truly does come in the morning.

“God always does more than we expect him to,” Hiett said. She is insistent her music ministry is not her own, but God working through her. She claims when singing God shows up to minister to the audience in ways she cannot.

Hiett started out singing for the Lord with a little karaoke machine and a microphone.

“I never dreamed I'd be doing anything like this, but I have told the Lord I'll sing wherever he wants me to sing,” she said.

Though the tour doesn't officially kick off until May, Hiett is performing for the 10 a.m. service Sunday at the Ashmore Baptist Church. Her concerts typically run about an hour long. She can be contacted on her home phone at 217-826-4685, by cell at 217-251-4682 or by email at GlennaV@frontier.com.