It’s been a fair week

Edgar County Fair, 4-H Fair provide experiences for all ages and interests


It’s been a fair week in Edgar County with both the 4-H Fair and the Edgar County Fair dominating the activities for our friends and neighbors.

As always, the 4-H fair, under the direction of Maria Crandell and adult volunteers, was a wonderful experience both for the participants and their families. For those who took the time to visit the 4-H fairgrounds and take a walk through the exhibits, the fair once again featured the projects of 4-H members.

From the traditional dress review and competition on Friday, July 19, until the livestock auction Wednesday, July 24, there was plenty to see.

And for those who don’t think kids of today don’t know how to have fun unless it involves video games, they couldn’t be more wrong. All it took was a hill covered in black landscaping plastic, a sprinkler and a hose for the kids to come running. Just standing and watching them slide down the hill — and eventually into a muddy puddle at the bottom — was enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

It’s been a great week at the Edgar County Fair, too — and Mother Nature even cooperated with cooler temperatures and no rain.

There was something new this year — a band with adult beverages to open the fair — but there was plenty of family-friendly entertainment and fun, too.

The grandstands were filled for the 2019 queen contest and there was an enthusiastic crowd for the talent show and the annual Barnyard Scramble.

The addition of a full rodeo was well-received by fairgoers as the grandstands were filled to near capacity. Before the rodeo, free pony rides were offered to children and several also took the opportunity to ride a sheep.

The second motocross was also a hit Thursday evening while trucks and tractors delighted fairgoers Friday evening. The fair concludes tonight with the Route 1 Rumble demolition derby.

Congratulations to everyone who made both fairs a success. We recognize the long hours required and on behalf of your neighbors, we say thanks.