Kansas, Brocton PD have a mutual aid agreement

Deal ensures officers can back each other up at no extra cost


KANSAS – The Kansas Police Department now has a mutual aid agreement with the Brocton Police Department.

Jeff Goodwin, the Kansas police chief, provided details of the arrangement during the Kansas Village Board meeting Wednesday, Nov. 6. Board members unanimously voted to approve the deal.

“This gives the Brocton police law enforcement authority in Kansas when asked,” said Goodwin. “The Brocton chief currently helps me with calls and vice versa to operate smoothly. This gives him law enforcement authority in our village only when I ask him.”

Goodwin added the mutual aid agreement formally states the two chiefs, or their officers, can assist one another without cost to either police department. The Kansas Police department currently has such agreements with the Edgar, Clark and Coles County sheriff departments.

In other police matters, Goodwin reported the department issued six citations, seven written warnings and 15 verbal warnings. It resolved one complaint and assisted the Edgar County Sheriff Department four times and assisted the Coles County Sheriff once. He also noted the department’s Dodge Durango SUV was repaired by replacing a right front spindle support.

The police department’s 2006 auxiliary car needs replaced said Goodwin. When the village purchased the used vehicle it had 35,000 miles and now it has 153,450 miles. The department averages more than 740 miles a month on the automobile that is aging and it costs a substantial amount of money every time it is repaired, explained Goodwin. The board tabled the matter but directed the chief to get estimates in the $15,000-$20,000 price range for a used SUV with the police package and will revisit the matter at the December meeting. Discussion indicated support for making such a purchase through the general fund.

Water superintendent Andrew Henn reported the water department purchased a DR 900 Colorimeter for approximately $1,400 because the original colorimeter from 1993 isn’t operating correctly and parts are no longer available for the obsolete device. The water department uses the colorimeter for conducting tests to measure the chemical levels in drinking water.

Henn submitted his official letter of resignation. After working for Kansas for nearly 18 years, his last day is Nov. 29.

“Thank you for the tireless job and your extreme dedication,” said village president Ross Carrell after reading Henn's resignation letter.

Henn has been training Kansas resident Dan Shick, the lab director at Charleston Water Services, to take over the village’s water supervisor position.

The board approved a motion for a resolution to liquidate surplus property. A public meeting is 7 p.m. Dec. 4, one half-hour prior to the regular meeting regarding vacating the alley between Kansas residence Mike Leroy’s two properties and the south half of a railway right-of-way. The legal description and formal notice is to be published in The Prairie Press.