Kansas RTI advancing


KANSAS – Keeping students on pace for learning is a goal for the Kansas school district.

Principal Cindy Spencer updated school board members about the Response To Intervention (RTI) program during the board of education meeting Wednesday, Oct. 17.

“We are working on our RTI program and trying to streamline it to make it run smoother and easier access to the teachers,” said Spencer.

RTI is a process that identifies students who may be struggling with skills or lessons in the classroom. Teachers then use interventions or a set of teaching procedures to help the pupils succeed.

“It is a work in progress and a big undertaking. It’s moving in the right direction and I am pleased how it is going,” she added.

The PERK mentor program kicked off recently. Spencer reported the adult PERK volunteers eating lunch with students is beneficial.

“The community volunteers seem to like it and our kids definitely enjoy it,” she said.

Spencer told the board Prospect Bank made a donation to the school to create a large Tri-County backdrop sign for students who are signing commitments to attend college on athletic scholarships.

The board approved the first reading of board policy changes.

“There’s nothing really outstanding that is changed. Most of the changes are rewording by lawyers,” interim superintendent John Hasten told the board. The board will vote next month to make the changes.

Following closed session, the board voted to employ Brock Lewis as an assistant junior high boys basketball coach and approved family medical leave for Casey Harley.