Mail SNAFU hurts local candidate


Paris City Council candidate Jacob DuCharme wants the public to know he took running for office seriously and his failure to respond to written questions mailed by The Prairie Press to Paris city candidates was not intentional.

“I got the questions four days after the election was over and 11 days after the other candidates did,” said DuCharme.

The Prairie Press mailed the questions to the two mayoral candidates and six council candidates on the same day using the addresses the candidates filed with their Statement of Candidacy petitions.

DuCharme said after filing the documents, he closed on a house and moved. The address on file was not the same address where he was later receiving mail.

“It was just a bad set of events,” he said regarding the failure to receive the questions when the other candidates did. “I didn’t want to go on social media and talk about this, because there is too much of that kind of stuff going on.”

As he has matured, DuCharme said he has decided to put sports aside and concentrate on the much bigger and more important game of politics.

“I like politics because there is nothing else like it for helping people and making a difference,” he said. “The idea of creating a better future excites me.”

The run for city council was his first attempt at public office and acknowledged the inability to respond to the questions probably hurt his effort. His decision to run for the council was motivated by a desire to help the city.

“I wanted to get involved because I care about Paris,” said DuCharme. “It sickens me when I hear people say they want to leave and never come back.”

While the first attempt at public office was disappointing, DuCharme is determined to try again. He plans to run again for city council or perhaps mayor in the next election.

“Eventually, I hope to get involved at the state level as either a representative or a senator,” said DuCharme.