Panthers remain unbeaten in Junior League


The temperatures were cold outside but the action was hot in Eveland Gym for the weekly Paris Junior League games Sunday, Jan. 20.

Cardinals 28, Eagles 14

In the opening game of the afternoon the Cardinals jumped out to a 6-0 lead at the end of first quarter. Both teams did some scoring during the second period but the Cardinals were leading 16-6 at the half. The rhythm continued and at the end of the third the Cardinals maintained a 20 – 11 advantage. The Cardinals held on for the win.

Leading the Cardinals was Bella Moreschi with 8 points. Dylan Lucas was right behind with 6 and Myah Bartos with 5 points. Carter Eastham and Chancy Chaney had 4 points each. Carter Crippes had two points.

Zavier Quinn led the Eagles with 3 points. Sophie Henderson, Murray Smith, Karson Kollman, Nicholas Doughan and Carson Throneburg all had 1 points. Logan Gerberding finished with a single free throw.

Hawks 37, Lions 18

The first quarter of the game saw a great deal of back-to-back scoring from both teams with the Hawks holding a two-point lead, 12 -10.

Things were tough for the Lions during the second quarter as they were unable to get on the board while watching their opponent skate out to a 20-10 lead.

The Hawks moved ahead 26-14 in the third quarter. That fire lit beneath the Hawks continued into the fourth quarter as they added 11 more points while holding the Lions to just 4 points.

Dominic Asbury led the Hawks with 10 points but right behind was Madox Hutchings with 8. Bradley Litteral got in on the scoring with 7 points. Brody Bishop and Carter Wilson had 4 points each. Paisley Reed and Jenna Lewsader finished with 2 points.

Sixth graders Samantha Kindred and John Heelan led the Lions with 6 points each. Eli Brinkerhoff had 4 and Cash Kuglin ended the day with 2 points.

Panthers 45 Bears 15

The chill in the air didn’t stop the Panthers from snatching another victory. They quickly took control of first quarter, leading the Bears 8-2.

They continued that through the second quarter as they increased their lead 16-6

At the end of the third quarter, the Panthers held a comfortable 27-14 lead. The Panthers exploded on the court during the final period of play and added 18 to the board while the Bears struggled, making a single free throw.

Leading the Panthers was Drew Rogers with 20 points. Jackson Rigdon added 8 points. Dylan Blair had 5 points and Dawson Rogers had 4 points. Caiden Vice, Carter Delashmit, Sean Dunn and Karic Mason each added 2 points.

Conner Little led the Bears with 8 points. Charlie Ford added 4 points. Jacob Staley had a bucket and Gabriel Roush finished with a free throw.

Colts 33 Tigers 22

The final game of the afternoon featured two equally matched teams.

At the end of the first quarter the Colts held a slim 8-4 lead. Play turned around for the Tigers in the second period as they added 10 points to the board and held the Colts scoreless.

Both teams returned in the third quarter with the Tigers having a 14-8 advantage.

The Colts attempted to get things rolling and put on 12 points in the quarter while holding the Tigers to only 5 points.

The Colts held a 20 -19 lead and were poised for the fourth quarter. The Colts owned the court during the fourth quarter as they put in 13 more points and held the Tigers to only 3 points as they defeated the Tigers 33-22.

Mason Byrnes led the Colts with 9 points and Rickie White finished with 8 points. Drake Thompson finished with 7 points while Dylan Flores scored 6 points. Hailey Yantis finished the evening with a bucket and a free throw.

Ty King led the pace for the Tigers with 7 points. Brody Whitaker finished with 5 points and Logan Dick was credited for 3 points. Macy Bicknell, Brian Smith, and Caison Whitaker each scored a bucket.