Panthers still rule in Junior League


The Panthers continued to dominate play in the Paris Junior League Sunday, Jan. 13, in Eveland Gym.

Panthers 52, Cardinals 10

In the first game of the afternoon, the Panthers easily chalked up another win.

The Cardinals struggled with scoring as at the end of the first quarter the Panthers were leading 9-2.

Like many other games, the Panthers exploded in the second quarter and found themselves with a 23-6 lead at the half.

They added another 17 points in the third quarter while the Cardinals only managed a free throw and a basket. The Panthers continued hitting their shots and at the buzzer walked away with a 52 – 10 win.

Drew Rogers led the Panthers with 14 points. Following in his brother’s shoes was Dawson Rogers with 8 points. Jackson Rigdon and Karic Mason each had 6 points each. Finishing with 4 points each was Luke Mason, Landon Nugent and Sean Dunn. Finishing up the scoring with 2 points each was Kipton Bradford, Caiden Vice and Dylan Blair.

Emma Sanders and Carter Eastham led the Cardinals with 3 points each. Chance Chaney and Bella Moreschi finished with 2 points each.

Colts 40, Hawks 23

The Colts got off to a slow start in the second game but, due to a strong second half, ended up defeating the Hawks. The Hawks led aftwr the first quarter 3 -1. The second quarter of play was strong for both teams and the Hawks went into the half leading 21–15.

It was the second half when the Colts got their play together and added 11 points to the board while holding the Hawks to a single free throw. Going into the fourth quarter leading 26-22, the Colts continued to be dominant on the court and at the buzzer chalked up another win.

Leading the Colts was Drake Thompson with 8 points. Hailey Yantis and Braylen Mills added another 6 points each. Mason Byrnes, Dylan Flores and Colton Cornwell each had 5 points. Owen Jones had 3 and Gaige Burks finished with 2points.

Madox Hutchings led thr Hawks with 18 points. He was 12 of 16 from the free throw line. Dominic Asbury had 3 points and Emma Kraemer ended with 2 points.

Eagles 48, Lions 29

The Eagles were on fire in the third game and easily snatched a win from the Lions.

The first quarter of play was pretty evenly matched and the Eagles took a 7-3 lead. It was during the second quarter the Eagles came out of their shell and quickly added 26 points to the board while holding their opponents to 4 points.

After possessing a 33-7 lead at halftime, the Eagles added to their lead with 9 points while the Lions scored 6 points. The Lions got their momentum going during the fourth quarter but it was too little too late and found themselves losing 48-29 to the Eagles.

Carson Throneburg had his Wheaties that day as he finished with 16 points. Zavier Quinn scored 6 points on the afternoon. Sophie Henderson, Murray Smith, Karson Kollman, Landon Gerberding, Nicholas Doughan and Hunter Quinn all scored 4 points each.

Eli Brinkerhoff led the Lions with 13 points. John Heelan had 3 baskets and a pair of free throws for 8 points. Mack Kuglin chalked up 4 points in the book. Cash Kuglin and Kilee Edwards had 2 points each.

Bears 29, Tigers 22

In the first part of the season, the Bears defeated the Tigers by 2 points on a last minute shot. Junior League fans were looking forward to Sunday’s matchup between the two teams again — the game didn’t disappoint.

The Bears jumped out to take a 8-2 lead in the first quarter.

The Tigers held strong and battled back during the second quarter trailing only 14-10 at halftime.

When the team returned to the floor for the third quarter, the Tigers closed the gap and trailed by only 2 points going into the fourth quarter.

With the help of several key free throws, vfree throws, the Bears hung onto their lead and defeated the Tigers 29-22 in another exciting Paris Junior League contest.

Conner Little led the Bears with 7 points. Gabriel Roush and Austin Pardi each had 6 points. Parker Sanders added 4 points to the scorebook. Nathan Fonner, Carter Fox and Ian Theirl each contributed 2 pointstowards the Bears victory.

Ty King led the Tigers with 8 points. Koen Brinkerhoff scored 4 points. Garrett Rigdon, Gage Woolum, Brian Smith, Brody Whitaker and Logan Dick each finished with 2 points.

Action continues Sunday at Eveland Gym with the first of four games scheduled to get underway at 12:30 p.m. Fans are always welcome. There is a small admission fee.