Paris Charity Events partners with Paul Warner Animal Rescue

“Sin City Slayer” murder mystery held at Tingley Center


Paris was briefly thrust into the glitz and glare of Las Vegas with a performance of “Sin City Slayer” at the Tingley Reception Center.

The improvisational murder mystery was produced by Paris Charity events to raise money for the Paul Warner Animal Rescue. Founded by Bobby Sinclair and Zack Janis, Paris Charity Events uses different approaches to fundraising for a variety of local causes.

The play’s setting is a VIP party in Las Vegas for high rollers, society people, celebrities and media. However, the event was clouded by a dangerous situation: a serial killer is on the loose in Las Vegas and targets victims at VIP parties.

A-list—or perhaps B-list—attendees at the party included: Adair Burgundy (Aaron Rhodes), ambitious investigative reporter for CBC television; Alex Jade (Tanner Laughlin), Hollywood icon popular with audiences but enemy of most of those in attendance; Cricket Pewter (Jackie Tyler Landsaw), gossip columnist; Darby Cerulean (Bobby Sinclair), magician and illusionist; Jude Plum (Craig Smith), wealthy socialite with connections to the Mob; Parson Golden (Jane Blair), rags-to-riches fashion designer; Piper White (Brenda Wright), reluctant concierge of the casino; Greenlee Black (Zack Janis), professional poker player and aspiring comic; Ren Peach (Hellie Smith) fading reality star; Rigny Cyan (Jane Graham), pop icon from Mississippi; Story Indigo (Agnes Wright), insufferable tennis instructor; Blue Coral (Sandy Elliott), hair stylist at the Glitz & Glamour Hair Bar; and Dracen Gray (Cherie Lehman), housekeeper and bar girl at the casino.

Midway through the evening, the Sin City Slayer struck down Alex Jade, and the questioning revealed almost every character in the cast had a motive to kill the Hollywood mogul. Through twists and turns, the killer was revealed as Parson Golden, who admitted to being the Sin City Slayer to rid Las Vegas of black-hearted celebrities who lie, cheat and betray others to promote themselves.

The next activity for Paris Charity Events is the annual “Mayo vs. Crestwood/Guns and Hoses (police vs. firemen) basketball game Dec. 14 to benefit Christmas for Kids. The event features food, a band, cheerleaders, Santa Claus and a photo booth.

Sinclair and Janis are also planning a trivia night this winter for Edgar County Do It and a casino night for the Garden of Hope cancer memorial at Paris Community Hospital.