Paris mayor speaks at state conference


SPRINGFIELD – Mayor Craig Smith spoke Thursday, March 7, at the 30th Annual Rural Community Economic Development Conference in Springfield. The 2019 Conference highlights efforts to increase the full potential of rural Illinois.

Smith discussed community revitalization through connecting communities to planning resources, development outcomes and low-income housing tax credits. Other speakers addressed the benefits of creating sustainable places designed to improve the quality of life for rural residents. Sessions at the conference included developing high-quality health care, job growth, alternative energies, broadband opportunities, identifying existing assets in rural regions and looking at strategies to adjust to changing demographics and develop rehab housing.

Smith also spoke at the 2018 Illinois Governor’s Conference on Affordable Housing in Chicago.

Both presentations at the Rural Community Economic Develelopment Conference and the Affordable Housing Conference reviewed how local government worked hand in hand with the State of Illinois in obtaining low-income housing tax credits to assist in acquiring affordable housing for the City of Paris.