Repairs OK’d for Kansas Village Hall


KANSAS – The century old village hall in Kansas needs repairs.

Village trustees at the Wednesday, July 6, meeting approved a $6,000 proposal from D&E Builders for repairs to the main entry door. The work includes a new door, a new doorjamb made of either composite material or coated with PVC, repair or replacement of brick and tuckpointing an area of brick approximately 16 inches wide and 10 feet high to stop water infiltration

Village trustee Pam Shaffer advised the trustees another area on the exterior south wall of building is bulging and will require repairs. The last time a bulge in the bricks was repaired, the village faced a $20,000 expense.

Village trustee Jim Vail suggested if these kinds of expenses continue it may be necessary to think about demolishing the building and putting the village hall in another structure. Trustee Steve Hood said the last time that idea was discussed it raised a great deal of negative feedback from village residents.

The other action of the evening was approving a modification to the Edgar County Enterprise Zone to assist The Equity with an expansion at Horace that will result in 25 new jobs.

Enterprise Zone administrator Michael Martin said Kansas was the last jurisdiction in the zone to approve the expansion and the plan now goes to Springfield for final review. The cities of Chrisman and Paris along with the Edgar County Board previously signed off on the plan.

Kansas Police Chief Jeff Goodwin gave a report of the past month’s activities that included responding to one car crash resulting in a driving under the influence arrest and assisting the sheriff’s department on two occasions. The department wrote 12 tickets for moving violations.

Goodwin said he issued five ordinance violations and those properties are now in compliance. He is also researching how the new state laws regarding the recreational use of cannabis may require changing the village ordinances.

“The state’s trying to figure out what they are doing,” said Goodwin.

Village employee Andrew Henn said the installation of a new sensor at the water treatment plant went well and everything is working.

He said oil and chipping of some village streets will likely happen in August.

The almost incessant rain that has plagued farmers and construction projects has also created headaches for Henn. Kansas is in a low spot and prone to flooding. It is keeping the village employees busy trying to open plugged drainage tiles.

“There are so many place in town where the horns have been run over or buried,” Henn said.

Catch basins filled with dirt, gravel and debris are another issue. Henn said one such catch basin did not drain and as a result water backed up into the treatment and learning center operated by the Eastern Illinois Area of Special Education.

Frequent rains and standing water is a formula for an outbreak in the mosquito population.

The village is combatting that by putting larvacide tablets in the open catchbasins when practical between rains. Henn is also operating a fogging sprayer within the village.

“The mosquitoes we are seeing in town are flood mosquitoes,” said Henn. “I can’t do anything about them because of all the water that is out in the country.”