Rolling in dough


It is time to turn on your oven.

That is what my son Matt said when he called from Denver. He said he turned on his oven and made chocolate chip cookies. Cooler weather puts everyone in a baking mood. I was glad for the cool temperatures when I made five pies, three for the Altrusa pie sale at the Honeybee Festival and two for birthday friends. The Altrusa pie sale sold out and greatly helped our scholarship fund and other service projects we do such as maintaining the Reading on the Road trailer. During the Honeybee Festival the trailer was put to good use as over 350 books were given out to area school children. All Altrusa members were grateful for cooler weather to bake pies and for the people who purchased them. If you’re wondering, the money raised for Dolly Parton Imagination Library only goes to the Imagination Library and cannot be used for other Altrusa projects.

A Hoosier friend was visiting with me the other day and said weather makes no difference to her, she loves to bake year round. She graciouly shared a few of her favorite recipes which I am happy to pass on to you. She did ask however to please not use her last name. Martha is one of those ladies who is very humble and does not crave asknowledgement. I like to think of her as Mrs. Generous. She lives alone and gives away the major part of what she makes to friends and family. Too bad I don’t live closer.

Martha makes pecan rolls and also tea rings from the same sweet dough recipe. Apparently when she was first married 63 years ago she received a Betty Crocker Cookbook and a Kitchen Aid mixer from her parents. After 63 years the recipe is memorized. Her mixer is still mixing and so is mine, which is 40 years old. Both of us agree it is essential to have one if you love to bake. Wish they made all appliances like that.

Swedish tea rings are another one of Martha’s specialties.

Apple dumplings are perfect for this time of year with fresh apples from an orchard or from your own tree.

One last comment about my friend who cooks all these delicious items.

Years ago I met her granddaughter Payton, when she was sophomore in high school. She was a gracious young lady and so very kind to everyone, especially older people. My mother-in-law June, now in her late 90s still talks about her at times.

Now in veterinary school, Payton is in the profession she aspired to years ago and I am sure she is treating animals as well as she treated senior citizens. Some people are just unforgettable. I am sure having this terrific grandmother influenced Payton. A lesson we should all remember; how we treat others can have a lasting effect for generations to come. When you are warming up your oven don’t forget to also warm the heart of someone else. You may never realize what a difference you have made.