Sex offender compliance check conducted


Several law enforcement agencies joined forces March 21 to do compliance checks of registered sex offenders living in Edgar County.

The purpose of the checks is to make sure registered sex offenders are actually living at the addresses they report to local authorities.

“This is the first one in about four years,” said Sheriff Jeff Wood.

He added a big one-day check to verify as many offenders as possible was previously a regular occurrence, but for reasons unknown it got shunted aside.

Wood expressed hope the participating agencies will continue pooling resources to once again make compliance checks a regular operation.

Law enforcement agencies participating in the sweep included the Edgar County Sheriff’s Department, the Paris Police Department, the Chrisman Police Department, the Kansas Police Department, the Illinois State Police Zone 5 Investigations and the U.S. Marshals Service.

A total of 69 registered sex offenders were targeted and 53 were confirmed as living at the addresses listed with the authorities, and 16 follow up verifications were needed.

Wood explained the follow ups were because the people the police were checking did not happen to be home at the time of the visit. He said most of the 16 have since contacted the authorities and confirmed their addresses.

The compliance check did result in one person being taken to the jail for non-compliance.

Zone 5 investigators later informed Wood a case of one of the two non-compliant offenders revealed by the search has been turned over to the Marshals Service for additional investigation under the federal Adam Walsh statute requiring sex offender registration.