Students empowered

Shiloh ensures students are prepared for the future with Chromebook investment


The Shiloh school board took a bold step into the future during its board meeting Monday by agreeing to purchase 200 more Chromebooks for the school. 

That purchase — combined with the 150 Chromebooks already in use by the school — guarantees every Shiloh student will have the use of a small laptop computer that is perfect for use in a school setting. The decision means a commitment of up to $55,000 including the Chromebooks, additional training for the school’s teachers who will be utilizing them in the classrooms and providing additional bandwidth for the school through E-Rate.

Constructed to be shared with multiple students, Chromebooks allow any student to pick up any device and sign in for a totally personalized, secure learning experience. The 150 Chromebooks now in use at the school allow classroom teachers to take advantage of the additional resources the district’s new reading and math series provide. Younger Shiloh students are already well on their way to learning how to research a question by “googling” a word or question. Even the youngest students will be able to type and find answers to questions they are formulating.

By placing Chromebooks in the hands of every student, Shiloh is empowering their students to learn and become excited about it. In addition, students who may not understand a concept taught the previous day can be pulled out for additional help while the other students in the class are able to work on their own on an assignment on the Chromebook.

Rural school districts like those in Edgar County may not have thousands of dollars to spend on each student like many in the collar counties of northern Illinois, but thanks to the far-sighted administrators and teachers like those at Shiloh, our students are being prepared to compete whether they are going to attend college or enter the workplace.

We are part of a digital age and that’s not going to change. All of our students deserve to receive an education that will prepare them for the future.

Congratulations Shiloh for taking a big step forward in ensuring your students will be prepared.