The Press to remain the same


So what does The Prairie Press going back to publishing once a week mean to you, our loyal readers?

In just a few words, it means you’ll get the same weekly newspaper that you’ve enjoyed reading over the past two and a half years — local news, local sports, local everything. Well, almost everything.

You’ll see a lot less from the Associated Press. As valuable as it has been to us to help fill the news pages with stories and photographs, publishing once a week means we simply won’t have space for it. And local news always gets a priority at The Prairie Press.

Once a week you’ll get:

- News pages filled with stories and events in and around Edgar County, city and county politics, police and court reports;

- Education news about what’s happening at the institutions frequented by you, your children and your grandchildren, coverage of the school boards at Paris 95, Crestwood, Shiloh, Chrisman, Kansas, Paris Cooperative and, sometimes, Oakland;

- Sports of everything played in Edgar County, all year around, mostly from the high schools, but also from youth and adult sports;

- History, presented to you every week, stories and photographs of the rich background shared by everyone living in Edgar County now, and in the past;

- Grace, stories of acts of faith and religion in and around Edgar County — there’s a lot more going on with our area’s church groups than one might think;

- Diversion, a page to temporarily take your mind off our whacky world to read about an even whackier world … and complete a crossword puzzle or Sudoku;

- C’est La Vie, a page of fine recipes and fine humor, thanks to a column submitted weekly by the Old Codger himself, Allen Englebright.

Twice a month, you’ll also see:

ν Health, stories and columns about everything from what to (or not to) eat, how to exercise, avoiding sickness, a page that provides us with information about whatever helps us to be healthier;

- Agriculture, the biggest industry in our county also is the source for some of the biggest stories, most of which touch all of our lives, regardless of whether or not we plow fields or handle bank deposits;

- Commerce also involves everyone in our county, and there’s plenty of stories involving the merchants and business people of Edgar County.

The end result is more of the same — The Prairie Press will almost mirror what it was just before we absorbed into our operation the Paris Beacon-News. So enjoy, and let us know what you think.