Twigg is 2019 Fair Queen

New Miss Edgar County personifies determination


The 2019-2020 Miss Edgar County Fair Teresa Twigg has all the attributes associated with a fair queen.

She is poised, gracious, charming and articulate, but it almost didn’t happen for her.

“It’s something I always wanted to do, but I never had the courage,” said Twigg. “I decided to enter this year and give it all I could.”

She remembers attending the fair queen pageants from the time she was a child and being fascinated by the event. Still, she didn’t enter the pageant because of a niggling thought she lacked what it takes to be a fair queen and described herself as shy.

Twigg is a 2016 Paris High School graduate and after maturing through a couple of years at Indiana State University as an elementary education major and also gaining people experience by waitressing in the family restaurant, Joe’s Pizza, she decided this was the year to try it.

Still, it was not an easy decision to enter the pageant because doing so required stepping out of her comfort zone. Once Twigg entered she was committed to doing the best job possible.

The first thing she did after entering the pageant was purchase a pair of heels and practice walking in them every day. Her other preparations for the pageant included always trying to remain positive, always trying to have a smile on her face and she arranged to do mock interviews with different people in the community to gain practice in verbal communication.

“I owe a big thank you to my sisters for constantly asking me questions,” Twigg said.

As an adult, she looks at the pageant differently than she did as a child. Being the queen involves more than being physically attractive. The queen serves as a role model to others through her positive attitude and participation in as many community events as possible.

“It’s not just Paris,” she said. “They (fair queens) go to all of the towns for events. They really bring the county together.”

The pageant itself is something of a blur. Twigg was a cheerleader most of her young life so appearing before a crowd was not a big concern, but she had never done any public speaking. She was so nervous at the time she does not remember giving her speech. Her goal was to put forth her best effort and regardless of the outcome she could remain satisfied with her effort.

“I went into it to improve myself,” she said. “Toward the end I was very proud of where I was.”

As the pageant drew to the conclusion of naming the fair queen, it did not immediately register she won.

Twigg remembers her contestant number being called and seeing her mother and sisters in the audience.

“My reaction was kind of delayed,” said Twigg. “When I realized, I was overcome by emotion. I worked so hard for this.”

Her reign is just beginning and much of this week is devoted to handing out trophies and posing for pictures, and that is just what she wants to be doing.

“The fair is my favorite time of the year,” said Twigg.