Twin Lakes improvement discussed

Plans underway for Holiday in the Park


The improved look of Spicer Pavilion in Twin Lakes Park after a power washing and new paint is leading to more of the same.

Chris Redman, superintendent of streets, alleys and parks for Paris, discussed upcoming maintenance projects with the Paris Park Board. Plans include power washing and painting small pavilions at Twin Lakes, the round building at Twin Lakes and pavilions in both Sunrise and Sunset parks.

Equipment failure prompted the closing of Tiger Falls Splash Park.

“A switch broke at the splash park, and I had to shut it off,” said Redman. “We try to leave it open as long as we can if it is hot.”

A replacement part is on order and repairs will be made in time to open the facility next summer season.

After the water is shut off for the winter at the restrooms in Twin Lakes, the city crew will start a project to make the building compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“I had the fire department’s dive team look at the boat ramp on the West Lake by the dam,” said Redman, adding boat trailers getting hung up on the ramp prompted the underwater investigation.

According to Redman, the problem is some of the area under the boat launch has washed out, causing the ramp to collapse. He said this is probably a springtime fix.

Board member Casey Redman suggested a future beautification project near the entrance to Twin Lakes. She asked if it might be possible to have a local artist, or artists, paint a park related mural on the round concrete tanks at the old water treatment plant. Other board members thought the idea had merit but were not ready to pursue it at this time.

Most of the discussion at the meeting was about Holiday in the Park, the illuminated Christmas-themed display that opens Thanksgiving Day and the last night is New Year’s Day.

Park board members again stressed their intent to group all of the memorial signs for deceased people into one area as a memory section. They also said such signs must also have either a spot light or Christmas lights for illumination.

Chris Redman suggested the area of land near the round office as a place to create a specific memory garden so the memorial signs do not appear randomly among the other Christmas lighted displays.

Another issue is encouraging more local businesses and industries to create lighted scenes for the event. The difficulty is how to efficiently get the word out. There was concern a letter campaign might inadvertently omit some people, and posting a sign up form on Facebook is no guarantee the word will get to the decision makers.

Park board members also revisited the idea of a map to assign spots in advance. Chris Redman estimated there is room for approximately 150 displays in the park but use of a map will require park board members or other volunteers to be present when people bring displays to make sure the right spots of are used.

“It might be easier to make the map this year after everything is in place,” said board president Cliff Macke.

The others agreed.

Here is the Holiday in the Park schedule as determined by the park board:

A special Holiday in the Park meeting 5 p.m. Oct. 15 in the park for the park board members and general public for Chris Redman to explain sites and power locations.

Delivery of displays to the park Nov. 3, 4, 10 and 11 for setup; and

The lights go on Thursday, Nov. 22.