$3.24 million in "unallowable" costs identified in Paris Superintendent case


After a team of FBI agents searched the home of Paris Union School District 95 Superintendant Jeremy Larson on Tuesday, June 13, the Illinois State Board of Education released a statement identifying the motive behind the operation.

The following statement was released to The Prairie Press by ISBE Executive Director of Communications Jackie Matthews.

"ISBE conducted a routine audit of the Paris Union school district. Several findings and questioned costs prompted ISBE to conduct further monitoring that identified approximately $3.24 million in questioned costs, unallowable expenditures, and unallowable salaries.

The district is required to provide a corrective action plan no later than June 30 addressing each finding in the final report and to repay the questioned costs and unallowable expenses.

ISBE’s monitoring included federal grants, thus federal law enforcement authorities are aware of the questioned costs and requested the final report."

Reports attached to the statement show the ISBE identified $1,653,609.11 in unallowable expenditures and salaries from a food service account. Other expenses under scrutiny are marked as "salaries, wages, and benefits" according to one report.

The Prairie Press will release additional information as it becomes available.

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