Justin Hefner’s angry Facebook threatens locals

Posted 2/18/18

The Facebook posts of the former Edgar County man who was arrested with a high-powered AR-15 and ammunition became increasingly violent after Jan. 1, 2018, regarding the Edgar County Sheriff’s …

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Justin Hefner’s angry Facebook threatens locals


The Facebook posts of the former Edgar County man who was arrested with a high-powered AR-15 and ammunition became increasingly violent after Jan. 1, 2018, regarding the Edgar County Sheriff’s Department, Paris Police Department as well as county and city elected officials as well as private citizens.

Justin Hefner of Terre Haute, Ind., is listed as the administrator of the Facebook page Constitutional Wounded Warrior’s, established Sept. 18, 2015. The mission on the page is “Helping Veterans and Taxpayers Put God and Our Constitution Back Where It Belongs!!!”

Since Jan. 1 Hefner’s posts on the page have veered away from the early posts and videos that appeared to be geared to helping veterans find services to rants against Edgar County government, law enforcement, the Paris Chamber of Commerce and city and local elected officials.

The final posts on the page — dated Friday, Feb. 16, 2018 — discussed new gun laws, police corruption and alleges he is working for the United States, alleging his chain of command comes from Washington, D.C.

Hefner — who says he is a Wound Warrior Army veteran — also alleges on Feb. 15, 2018 — his vehicle and that of his significant other was being followed. “We have found a solution of people falling our vehicles! Hehe! Good luck.”

Earlier Feb. 15, Hefner calls out the members of the Edgar County Board. “And To Edgar County Board, If You Actually Think I am Coming To You Personally, Your Stupid!!!! The Taxpayers, Have a Constitutional Right to See What's Going On In Their County And Their Watching, How Far It Goes Is Up To You!!!”

In the same post, Hefner praises the work of the Edgar County Watchdogs and Rob Bogue. He concludes the post hoping the county board members should be sent to Cuba or behind bars.

That same day — Feb. 15 — Hefner uploaded a picture of an investigator badge with an American flag over it writing it had “just showed up today and I got the cuffs to go with it….We have Constitution work to do.” That same morning, he calls out the Paris Police Department noting any officers “get in my way of investigation will be arrested for interefing (sic).”

Paris Police Chief Mike Henness said Sunday Hefner’s rhetoric cropped up on the department’s radar in the last week or 10 days. He noted the difficulty in dealing with these situations is deciding when Constitutionally protected speech actually becomes threatening to the point that intervention is required to protect others from harm.

“Unfortunately, he lives in the State of Indiana where there is no FOID check,” said Henness.

Illinois’ Firearm Owners Identification requires people undergo security checks for felony convictions, mental health treatment or domestic abuse convictions before purchasing a weapon.

“It is a situation you wish did not exist,” Henness said, regarding threats posed by individuals like Hefner.

The Edgar County Board also came in for Hefner’s wrath.

“I didn’t know anything about it until yesterday,” Edgar County board chairman Jeff Voigt said Sunday afternoon.

Voigt said he has since read some of Hefner’s postings but was never directly contacted by Hefner and is not aware of any personal contacts with other board members.

Paris Mayor Craig Smith said Sunday he was alerted about the postings on Hefner’s page but had never been directly contacted by him. “I was never contacted (by Hefner) by telephone, email or mail,” the Paris Mayor said.

Unfortunately, Smith emphasized “in this day and age, we can’t take something like this lightly. Our people need to investigate.”

Other posts on the Constitutional Wounded Warrior’s Facebook page included:

A post about county sheriff’s beginning with Karl Farnham Jr. through Jeff Woods, alleging all but Ed Motley “are corrupted as hell.” The same post also references a watchdog post and calls out Dee Burgin.

Naming the “state’s attorney, Sheriff Woods and Patrick Aviation” alleging a federal crime.

A post on Jan. 24, 2018, “O Edgar County Board Corruption!!!! Tic Tock, Tic Tock.”

Calling out Edgar County Clerk August Griffin, alleging he set up multiple accounts with taxpayer money.

Alleged he had to factory reset his cell phone “because we are getting close to something your (sic) trying to keep hidden.” On Jan. 13 he wrote “I want to thank the Edgar County Illinois corruption clowns for participating in outing themselves and there is a long list and names are still getting added to it.”

Alleged an Edgar County squad car “ran up on my ass” on Main Street but because he is “under orders not to hurt civilians, defending outselfs (sic).”

Alleged “clear evidence of illegal manipulation” at the county airport.

“Whoever Jimmy Wells is, congratulations idiot, you just made the list with this Chris Patrick guy!”

Calls out Paris Mayor Craig Smith noting, “I can smell you somewhere in the middle.” Hefner also railed against the $5 million spent on the earthwork at the new high school and converting the old high school building to apartments.