Bond set for Hissem and Noble for shooting near Wenz School


Tyge Hissem and Alex Noble, arrested following the discharge of a firearm near Wenz School, made their initial appearances Thursday, Aug. 17, in Edgar County Circuit Court.

The altercation in the alley behind Wenz Tuesday morning prompted the immediate lockdown of all Paris 95 school buildings and Crestwood School. Wenz School was not a target for the violent action and no children or school staff were injured, but the proximity and danger raised alarm by parents and the community. 

Although charged from the same incident, Hissem and Noble are not co-defendants and made separate appearances before Judge Matthew Sullivan. They were in custody of the Edgar County Sheriff’s Department. 

Hissem, 30, waived a reading of the charges and explanation of possible sentencing ranges. According to court records, he is charged with a Class 2 felony of a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and this being a second such offense, a Class 3 felony possession of a firearm with a defaced serial number and a Class 4 felony discharge of a firearm endangering others. 

Public defender Nathanael Harsy represented Hissem for the purposes of the bond hearing, but the court noted Harsy cannot be assigned to the case because he is already defending Noble in another case. Backup public defender Lupita Thompson got Hissem’s new charge.

 Edgar County State’s Attorney Timothy Gilbert asked for a $70,000 bond, with 10% to apply. 

“The reason we are asking for a cash bond is the circumstances,” said Gilbert. He noted the state is alleging Hissem possessed a firearm less than 100 feet from a school and that weapon was discharged. 

“The state also has information that during an interview with law enforcement, he told police he knows he is not allowed to have a firearm as a felon but carries one anyway,” said Gilbert. 

Hissem’s criminal history, which includes prison time, was also used by the state as justification for a cash bond. 

Harsy objected to the $70,000 amount claiming Hissem is an independent contractor and was supposed to be doing a roofing job but was in custody. The public defender said Hissem could possibly post $5,000 at 10% with family assistance. 

Sullivan asked if Hissem has a roofing license. The defendant said he does not but works for another person. Bond was set at $70,000 and the matter was continued for a Sept. 11 preliminary hearing. 

Noble, 20, appeared next and asked for an explanation of sentencing ranges on his Class 3 felony aggravated battery in a public place charge. Sullivan said if found guilty Noble can be sentenced to two to five years in prison, or up to 10 years if extended sentencing is possible. Prison is not mandatory, and a probation sentence is possible. 

Assistant state’s attorney Phil Doblestein asked the court to set a $50,000 bond due to aggravating circumstances. 

“He was on furlough (from jail) to report to Hour House and 30 minutes later he was in an altercation involving a gun,” said Doblestein, adding the state is exploring the option of adding additional charges of escape and contempt to the case.

Harsy told the court Noble is unable to post any amount of bond and did report later in the day to Hour House as he was ordered to do by the court.

“Will someone explain to me how he was supposed to go directly to Hour House and got involved in an incident?” asked Sullivan.

Noble provided a rambling story about not having a required ID or his clothes. 

The answer did not impress Sullivan who imposed a $50,000 bond in the new charge and revoked the jail furlough in Noble’s unresolved Class 2 felony burglary charge. Noble was reminded the $30,000 bond in that case still applies with the new $50,000 applied on top of the older bond requirement.

Gilbert raised the issue of Noble’s speedy trial request in the burglary case. The state’s attorney said revoking the furlough starts the count again and a trial date is required. 

Sullivan ordered Noble’s preliminary hearing in the battery case for 2:15 p.m. Sept. 11 and his trial for the burglary Sept. 12.

Both men were remanded to custody pending posting of bond.

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