Firefighters respond to burning garage south of Paris


An intense blaze at a rural residence south of Paris is the latest in a significant surge of structure fires sweeping across Edgar County.

Trucks from the Paris Community Fire Protection District (PCFPD) responded to a call on Thursday, March 28 shortly after 3 p.m. Firefighters arrived on the scene a few miles south of Paris on Preston Street to a garage engulfed in flames. First responders initially reported a propane tank was located near the flames. Ammunition stored in the garage reportedly discharged as a result of the heat. 

Fortunately, no injuries were reported and the fire was eventually contained thanks to the efforts of the PCFPD. The adjacent residence was untouched by the flames.

PCFPD chief Rick Eastham told a Prairie Press reporter on the scene the cause of the burn is unknown but will be investigated thoroughly.

With Thursday’s blaze, the PCFPD and the Paris Fire Department are on pace to surpass the total number of structure fire calls in 2023 (21) just four and half months into 2024.

“Between the city and the district, I think (the number of structure fires) is 13 or 14,” said Eastham, adding, “We’ve been very busy.”

Per Eastham, the fires are not connected.

“It just happens,” he remarked.

This is a developing story. The Prairie Press will provide additional information as it becomes available.

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