Paris 95 places Larson on leave


After a relatively quiet week, more information concerning District 95 Superintendent of Schools Jeremy Larson is now available.

According to a letter distributed to The Prairie Press and signed by District 95 Board of Education President Kevin Knoepfel, Larson has been placed on paid administrative leave until further notice. The notice comes hot on the heels of a subpoena issued by the United States District Court in Springfield to District 95.

Matters discussed before the grand jury are secretive and more information is unavailable. Much of the subpoena was redacted before being acquired by The Prairie Press.

While the notice of paid administrative leave is dated Wednesday, June 21, Larson was placed on leave immediately following last week’s search according to Knoepfel.

The letter states Larson “shall remain on paid administrative leave” while “the final letter related to the ISBE audit, information related to the grand jury subpoena received by the Board of Education, and the search of your residence by federal agents” are investigated by the school board.

“Due to the nature of these allegations, and the uncertainty of the outcome of this matter, you are not to be on school district property or at any school district activity without my express written permission,” Knoepfel stated in the document.

In the meantime, Megan Carroll is acting superintendent for District 95, but the promotion is only a quick fix according to Knoepfel.

“We are working on some things,” said Knoepfel in relation to the duration of Carroll’s tenure.

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