Poole declared unfit for trial, treatment ordered


Tyler Poole, charged with first-degree murder in the case of Charles K. (CK) Nay’s death, was found unfit to stand trial.

During a fitness hearing on Monday, Nov. 13, Matthew Sullivan, the presiding judge, examined the results of a fitness evaluation created by court-appointed provider, Dr. Jeckel. The evaluation, originally ordered to be given to the 26-year-old defendant in August, took several months to be completed and resulted in several delayed preliminary hearings. 

After reviewing the report Sullivan said, “The only evidence presented today is found in the doctor’s opinion, and the doctor qualifies as an expert in this scenario.”

The fitness evaluation declared Poole as unfit to stand trial. 

In the Illinois court system, a defendant is termed to be unfit if, because of their mental or physical condition, they are unable to understand the nature and purpose of the proceedings against them or to assist in their defense.

Sullivan ordered Poole to remain in the custody of the Edgar County Jail until he is transported to the Illinois Department of Human Services to undergo fitness restoration treatment.

As Sullivan spoke to members of the defense and the state, he urged both parties to remain vigilant in maintaining the defendant’s progress in the restoration program so the trial could continue in a timely manner. 

A fitness hearing is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 5, 2024, to re-evaluate Poole’s competency after receiving treatment.

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