Prairie Press Student of the Week: Danica Rhoads


What’s your name? Your grade? Where do you attend school?

Danica Rhoads, 8th grade, Crestwood School.


What is(are) your favorite subject(s)? What draws you to that subject?

Math, It allows me to use it in real-life situations.


What extracurricular activities are you involved in (clubs, sports, volunteer efforts)? Why?

I am involved in 4-H, student council, cheer, and volleyball.

4-H allows me to build new friendships and teach younger kids about what 4-H really is and that it’s not just about the animals and other activities. Student council teaches me about responsibility and leadership. Cheer gives me a second family and always keeps me on my feet. Volleyball allows me to always be loud and get closer to the underclassmen.


What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be a cosmetologist. I have always had a love for doing hair and makeup since a very early age.


What is your favorite snack food?

If I were going to snack, I would choose Dot’s Pretzels.


Dream vacation spot?

If I had the opportunity to go on my dream vacation, I would choose Hawaii. I have always wanted to visit there because it is so beautiful.


What is a piece of media (book, movie, TV show, video game) you think everyone should experience?

I think everyone should experience reading Where the Crawdads Sing. It is a great book; I highly recommend it.


What is your favorite memory from this school year so far?

If I had to choose one memory that has been my favorite this school year it would have to be the pep rally for when we got sent off to state for cheer. The support we received was amazing.


Who is a teacher, staff member, or coach who has made a positive impact on you? How did they do it?

The teacher who makes a positive impact on me is Shawna Heath. She never fails to make us laugh, and her class is always an enjoyable experience. It’s a class I always look forward to thanks to the environment she creates.


What is your advice to younger students?

Focus on you and only you. Life is so much harder when you focus on others.


What does your family look like? Do you have any siblings?

My family includes me, my mom, and my two older brothers.


Do you have any pets? What is your favorite type of pet?

I have 6 dogs. My dog’s names are Hershey, Harley, Dozer, Charlie, Lucky, Clauson and Lori.


If you can accomplish anything in your life, what would it be?

If I could accomplish anything in life it would be to get more people off the streets and stop the amount of drugs being dealt and sold.


What’s your favorite restaurant?

My favorite restaurant is Los Tres Caminos. We go there weekly as a family.


If you could go to lunch with anyone, from any part of history, who would it be and why?

If I could go to lunch with anyone from a part of history I would choose Rosa Parks. She fought for her rights and promoted women’s empowerment.


What are your goals for 2024?

My goals for 2024 are making it to state for volleyball and winning overall in 4-H.


What do you think is the biggest problem facing the world? Why?

I think the biggest problem facing the world is homelessness. There are too many people now living on the streets just because they have thrown their lives away to drugs and other things like that.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I have ever received is hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t want to work hard.

Danica Rhoads, Crestwood School, Student of the Week