Shiloh CUSD 1 and Myers part ways


The Shiloh Board of Education and its Superintendent, Bill Myers, decided to part ways during a special board meeting held Monday, March 4.

Myers was not present at the meeting but the board released a statement saying the separation is amicable and will officially take effect June 30, 2024.

“For this case, we would like to make it known that Mr. Myers will be on administrative leave during the remainder of the spring semester of 2024 to attend to personal family matters, due to significant familial losses,” board president Aaron Richardson read from a press release.

The release requested privacy for Myers and wished him success in his future endeavors.

“(The board) is committed to a smooth transition between Mr. Myers and the school district's next administration,” Richardson read. “In turn, Mr. Myers would like to thank and commend Shiloh community members, parents, board of education administration and staff for providing the best education to the students of the Shiloh school district.” 

The release of information came after the board of education entered a one-hour and 32-minute executive session. In addition to the press release, Richardson gave a few comments to the dozen individuals attending the meeting.

“(The board) is acting on an agreement which will pay a reduced sum of $50,000 of their main value of Mr. Myers’ contract after this year,” he said. “In return, he is resigning and will be paid on administrative leave to conclude the year.” 

Richardson says the board came to the difficult decision to part ways with Myers and pay out a portion of his remaining contract to provide him the freedom to attend to his family and provide needed stability for the children and community of the school district. 

“(Students) need and deserve an administration that can devote its full attention to a child’s concerns,” he said. ”November allegations recently brought from a community member at a regularly scheduled board meeting in February do not correlate with the separation agreement and resignation of the superintendent.”

Following the announcement of the split, board member April Morris made a motion to appoint the school’s current principals Amy Jones and Morgan Wilhoit as acting superintendents. Morris specified in her nomination that the women would serve together through the end of the school year and retain their principal duties during that time.

The nomination was taken to the board for a vote, board member Justin Wood elected to abstain from the vote, and the remaining members voted in favor of the motion.

“With that being said, the acting superintendent is until this end of the school year,” Richardson said. “We will be opening up a job posting for interviews and will be looking for a superintendent and interviewing applicants.”

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